Insulating Glass Washing Machine


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  • Washing machine Features 


    The washing machine whole body adopt thickened stainless steel material, the spare parts that with watering contact with water are made of stainless steel or waterproof aluminum, which will not rust after long-term use and is easy to maintain.

    The cleaning machine adopts upper transmission and double-layer structure to avoid aging and leakage of the cleaning box seal and easy maintenance

    The washing machine adopts the whole rubber roller transmission, and the distance between the two rubber rollers is automatically adjusted by spring according to the thickness of the cleaning glass, and the glass of 4-15mm can be cleaned.

    Adopt three sets of brushes to clean the glass, six high-quality 1010 nylon filament brushes and six water sprays, cleaned well and fast speed(5-12m per minute) can clean LOW-E and coated glass.

    The brush device has a front and back adjustment function. If the brush is worn, it can be adjusted forward multiple times using to increase the service life of the brush.

    With automatic identification of LOW-E and coated glass device, it can automatically identify the front and back of LOW-E and coated glass. When identify the LOW-E and coated glass.The first group of coarse brushes will automatically withdraw to avoid damage to the film.

    The air knife and backrest wheel bracket in the drying box are all made of stainless steel to avoid secondary pollution after glass cleaning.

    The glass transmission in the drying box is designed to be driven by the bottom rubber roller, which is stable and reliable without slipping.

    The reasonable angle design of the air knife and the layout of the air tube make the glass drying effect better.

    Circulating wind design, energy saving and low noise of glass drying system.

    The bearings used in the cleaning machine are all stainless steel precision high-speed bearings with high precision and stable operation.

    The humanized design of the upper section, when placing a large piece of glass, step on the foot switch, the transmission will stop, and the placement is complete; step on the foot again, the transmission will start, which is easy to operate and ensure the personal safety of the operator.

    Technical Parameter




    Input voltage   

    380V 50Hz

    Input power   


    Max. glass size

    2200×1600 mm

    Glass Thickness


    Min. glass size  


    Working speed


    Overall dimension

    6200×1500×2620 mm




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